So, in May we saw the season 13 finale of the medical drama titled, ‘Ring of Fire’ taken from the Johnny Cash song as everyone knows each Grey’s episode adopts the name of a known song. Promised by the title, the backdrop of this thrilling 40 minutes of drama saw an explosion rip through Grey Sloan Memorial, courtesy of our resident neuro fanatic Steph Edwards.

“I deep fried a rapist!” – hell yeah you did girl! In her departing episode Jerrika Hintons’ portrayal of Edwards is one that has all us fans screaming Emmy! Give that girl all the awards!

From the previous episode, we saw Steph taken hostage by a lunatic patient brought into the ER because of a supposed car crash, little did our doctors know that the crash was a victims’ only escape from an attempted rape. Because of this the hospital is in lock down to prevent the rapist from leaving the building which is all a little too late for Steph. Steph ends up trapped in a lab with both the rapist and a lost girl who has wondered away from her parents while her younger sister is treated in the NICU. At the end of the episode we see the rapist set light to some medical supplies to alert the sprinklers and unlock the doors that are shut from the code orange. In a last-ditch effort to save herself and the young girl Steph dowses the patient in a highly flammable solvent. The final scenes of the penultimate episode of season 13 saw the man go up in flames and roll towards gas canisters in the lab. Our ever-heroic Edwards sees this, and after making sure the girl is as far away as possible, rushes over to the engulfed man. But …..pause for dramatic effect……she is too late and is thrown back from the blast as we see Grey Sloan go up in flames! Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………..

Fear not Grey’s fans we see no major deaths in this season (I know right, I was shocked too) but the clearest display of badass, selfless bravery if there ever was one. Stephanie Edwards journey through the flames saving not only herself but the little girl as well sees her rise from the ashes as the stand out performance of the season. From emergency first aid on the child’s leg whilst surrounded by fire to literally jumping through the flames – Edwards heroinism has us weeping at her departure! As the smoke clears and reality settles in Steph admits to her mentor and hero of her own Dr Richard Webber, “I think I need to see everything that’s not the inside of a hospital I need to travel and explore and hike and breathe.” In the emotionally charged farewell scene she continue to express her gratitude ,“You changed my life Dr Webber you taught me how to take my past and find my path. Thankyou I think I found it – which means I quit.”

Image result for stephanie edwards grey's anatomy gif

 (If y’all didn’t get a tad misty at that point then Satan you have no heart!)

So, we say farewell to one of our beloved residents as season 13 closes and we are left to reflect on the 24 episodes past. Is the series drawing to an end? Who knows, but I think it is safe to say this hospital is losing its once binge-able drama.  With the loss of 4 series regulars in the last 4 seasons, the untimely deaths of McDreamy and McSteamy and the departures of Yang and Torres, very few original characters remain. The characters that the audience once fell in love with and invested in are slowly fading. And let’s not talk about the completely out of character actions of many of the remaining cast. Has Grey’s Anatomy run its course? Is Shonda going to take down any more of are favourites before we say our final farewell?

However, we can see a sliver of light peaking through the dark cloud that has been looming over the wards of Grey Sloan in the form of a return. It has been confirmed in recent weeks that Kim Raver will make her comeback to the hospital after her exit in season 8 and reprise her role as Dr Teddy Altman the ex army doctor turned head strong chief of cardio. Remember her? Man i loved this character! She showed that a strong independent woman could also be vulnerable and need someone to lean on too!

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Maybe this infusion from the past will bring back some much-needed life into the show. Hopefully Altman can come in and shake things up for many of the characters. Id be saddened if Grey’s Anatomy were to fizzle out and be stretched too far only to give us 40 minutes of crap once a week. I think I speak for many fans here when I say I’d rather Shonda Rhimes gave us one or two more awesome drama filled seasons, reminiscent of the early days, than drag the show out for longer with dismal episodes.

Despite these truths about what has become of the once hard hitting TV drama, it is safe to say that the season finale was the stand out episode and if it serves as a promise of what is yet to come then I for one will not be giving up hope yet.


More ramblings soon,



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